Furnace Rebuild Report

This is a Furnace Rebuild Report. This report explains the procedure of a furnace rebuild.

Rebuild Report

Job Performed:

  • Built Mica Floor

  • Installed connecting stud wires

  • Cut divider boards

  • Sealed boards to furnace

  • Installed anchor bolts

  • Completed wiring

  • Tested wiring


On Friday July 12, 2019, Saveway Technicians arrived for a furnace rebuild. We had locked our lock out tags and went to the furnace rebuild station. We proceeded to make measurements of the furnace in order to cut the rings to match the top. After the top was cut and fitted, we had the furnace maintenance team place the form. Once the form was placed properly, we had marked where we needed to trim the mica floor and cut holes in the mica floor to feed the connecting stud wires through. We then began measuring PJA 18 for each group of wires and putting the connecting stud wires through the PJA. Following we had fed them down the hole to their respective flange. We proceeded to measure and cut divider boards and install them between the furnace and form. We had sealed the divider boards and the mica floor. The anchor bolts were set flush with the finished cast top. We labeled the wires in the flange to ensure proper wiring.

Monday July 15, 2019, Saveway technicians arrived to finish wiring for the rebuild. Upon arrival I spoke to Head of maintenance about the work ahead. I had trimmed the wires down to fit into the junction box and cleaned the silicone tubes. Then, I had cut 37 pieces of long and short shrink tube. Following, I had cut the previous pressure terminals off and began stripping the wires. Once the wires were prepped, I had placed the silicone tube, long shrink tube and short shrink tube on each wire. I had used the hydraulic crimper to connect the pressure terminal to the wires to make all 37 connections. Then I used the torch and insulated the shrink tubes over the pressure terminal and slid the silicone over top. Proceeded to put wires into flange and pack with K-Wool. I had then taken my meter to test continuity. After testing a few connections, the meter was very high between pin 5 and stud 6. This was due to moisture and to be certain, I had stopped the test to research the problem.

Tuesday July 16, 2019, Saveway Technicians had arrived to finish testing. Upon arrival I had talked to Head of maintenance about the testing on Monday and we both concluded the reading was high due to moisture. Furnace maintenance was on break, so He tasked me with cleaning the lids to the flanges to assure a proper seal whilst waiting for help to test. After cleaning all of the lids and flanges, Furnace maintenance team and I had conducted testing. The testing had been completed and all connections were proper. After testing I had placed the lids on the flanges and sealed them tight. Concluding all work, I had talked to Head of maintenance and had him sign the Report of Handing Over after Repair.