Saveline Sensor Troubleshoot


Thank you for sending the photos over to us. If that ever happens again, please notify me right away. I would’ve been more than happy to come down and assist in anything I could’ve. As far as the sensor location goes, I think we made a lot of good changes at GIFA. From here out the sensors on the pour spout and the fill spout will cover proximately ¾ of the side wall and the bottom sensor will be covering only the floor of the opening.

But right now, you’ll see two pictures below. The one picture on the left is what you currently have in place. The picture on the right is what will be installed on the next reline. Each sensor will be put on its own channel. That will give your fill spout and your pour spout a left, right and a bottom sensor. This way you’ll be able to tell where the problem is occurring at.

Since we extended the length of the sensors by 18” on each side, I feel this give more than sufficient coverage to monitor this area in the future.

Now since we have collected a lot of data. We have better knowledge of where we can place the sensors at to be a better assistance to you.

As you can see, the problem started on August 19 and it continued to jump in and out for the next 8 days. On the 23rd, it flat lined at a level 16 so we were curious if the conduit or cable going to the junction box got damaged. You confirmed that this was not the case, that everything looked good. We were keeping a close eye on it but the way it was jumping between levels 2 and 16, made it seem like it was a wiring issue.

The last time the sensor worked correctly was August 28th. You can see it went the whole way back to a level 1. At the same time, sensor 9 now has sensor breaks across the board. This means there is no short or long comb connection. I would like to come down personally to see if we can get the measurement back online for both these sensors. I would also like to put a new sensor on the outside of the wall so you are still getting a reading in this area.

After reviewing this data, you can see that sensor 12 is starting to jump around like sensor 13 did. I’m not sure if you replaced both spouts or just the one. If you replaced just the one, I’d recommend replacing the fill spout as well. This is based on this new information we have learned from this runout. Since the sensor is not going up as high, I am going off of the trend that sensor 13 displayed. Please let me know your thoughts and we will go from there.

Once again, on the next reline these sensors will be laid out as was discussed at GIFA in a way that both you and we at Saveway feel will be more beneficial to you.

Thank you

A. Muzzy