Furnace Upgrade

Furnace Upgrade Saveway technician Karl Showers had arrived on October 28, 2019 around 7:00AM. After meeting with Personnel and being shown around the facility Karl started working on the furnace itself.

The first task completed once to cut a 3in hole on the cover plate for our wires to be routed through. This is so our wires can have access to the box so they can be properly terminated. Karl then made the junction box itself and mounted it onto the cover plate just below the 3in hole. The box itself was insulated with mica board. Once the hole and the box were made, Karl then numbered each individual cable stud wire, before wrapping PJA 8 around each wire. The PJA was then taped per each segment and then funneled into another, larger PJA 18. Both PJA’s are to ensure the maximum amount of protection against heat and wear. Each wire with PJA 8 got a stainless-steel zip tie around the top and where the PJA 8 and PJA 18 intersect. Once this was completed Karl then routed the wires around the furnace, away from the leads, and to the hole made into the cover plate.

On October 29, 2019 Saveway technician Karl Showers arrived around 6:00AM to wire the junction box on the furnace.

Each cable stud wire was routed through the box. On the box itself there are 4in long sections of HCX, with ground cones on either end, which the wires go through first, then into the box itself. The PJA 18 is then pulled over the gland nuts, which hold the HCX to the box, and are fasted down using stainless-steel zip ties. After that, Karl then prepped each stud wire to be connected to the cable wire by using 1.9-2.3 pressure terminals. After that was completed, Karl took two pieces of shrink tube, one small around 2in and one large around 2 ½ in, and covered each wire with both layers as it was heated. Once the shrink tube cooled, Karl pulled a 3in piece of silicon tubing around the area of the pressure terminals. Karl then terminated the wires to the plugs using the drawing provided to ensure each wire went into their designated plug insert. Once this was done Karl tested stud to pin to ensure that each wire was properly connected. Karl then cleaned his area of tools and debris before leaving. As Karl was leaving, he was notified that they still had to test the furnace and grout the coil before shipping it.