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Saveway was created in 1991 when the founder experience a furnace explosion.  Since then he was on a mission to prevent them from happening.  Over the years we have developed many products to achieve this goal.  We ONLY Specialize in Monitoring Refractories.  

- Saveway 

Real-Time Safety Technology

SaveDry Moisture Detection

I hope the video helped you learn and understand our system better.  When we hear about these bad incidents, we feel, it is our obligation to spread the word and let others know that there is technology out there to help.  Our customers are not only impressed with a real time solution but how sensitive the system was.

  • Sensitive - is a bold statement.  We saw changes in the moisture when maintenance was doing work (down to the minute) as well as when they gunned the lining.  The fact that our system saw these events in real time gave the operators and managers the confidence in the system to move forward in purchasing SaveDry for all EAF’s.

Click the image below to download my SaveDry Presentation.

Evraz - Pueblo, CO has been quoted our SaveDry application


SaveDry was installed after an explosion sent an employee to the hospital.  The System immediately notified us when there was a problem and the location, saving time and money, Now the Cliffs group has this system on every EAF company wide.

Eric  / AK Steel / Manager

In 2007 we installed the SAVEDRY® system.  It constantly analyzes and displays the moisture content of the refractory lining.  Thanks to our close partnership with Saveway we have achieved a high degree of safety in our melting equipment.

Dr. Hans-Peter Fauland / BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH / Manager

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