The OPTISAVE system is a fibre-potic temperature measurement system. There are two different types of the OPTISAVE system for several applications of temperature measurement:

OPTISAVE F – used to record temperatures over long lengths or large areas

OPTISAVE G – used for selective detection of temperatures at specific locations



The high adaptability of the technology enables application to almost any customized task. In addition to many other areas, the main applications are listed below.

Application examples:

+ Reactors
+ Melting aggregates
+ Water-cooled components
+ Exhaust gas systems
+ Pipe systems
+ Cable routes


Application examples:

+ Reactors
+ Melting aggregates
+ Water-cooled components


The recording of temperatures is accomplished with optical fibres which are installed in the monitored components. If desired, the wear measurement can be provided. The number of measuring channels and the sensor length can be adjusted based on the project specification. The temperature and wear curves are visualized specific to the customer or Equipment.


Significant improves safety
for operating staff and equipment, because furnace damage can be safely avoided 

Increase equipment up-time
due to better coordination of maintenance intervals

Targeted optimization
of equipment and processes

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