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The SAVEWAY® system can be used wherever ceramic refractory material is used and a temperature gradient exists. The main application area is the measurement of remaining lining thickness on coreless induction furnaces.

Refractory Measurement Principle:

  • Refractory material measured by electrode panel sensors displaying remaining wall thickness

  • Measurement dependent on the decrease in electrical resistance of refractory material with increase in temperature

  • As wear develops, molten metal penetrates towards the sensors and the temperature of the adjacent refractory material rises.


  • Significantly improves safety for operating staff and plant, because furnace damage and molten breakouts can be safely avoided

  • Optimize operating costs by reducing the costs of maintenance and production losses

  • Increase Equipment up-time based on the risk-free increase of Service life and predictability of relining

  • Targeted melting process improvement by optimizing the sinter heat

Saveway System demo

This video shows an operators view compared to molten metal in the furnace.  At quick glance, we know exactly what's happening in the furnace.

Molten metal penetrates through the lining and hitting the coil

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