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The SAVELINE® system can comprehensively monitor refractory linings for local overheating (hot spots), during operation. This is achieved with the help of encapsulated linear sensors, which are not sensitive to electrically conductive deposits (metal condensates, moisture, carbonaceous refractory materials) Special sensor ceramics enable measurement in the temperature range between 150°C (302°F) and 1350°C (2462°F).

Monitoring Principle

•Uses linear sensors for the measurement if the temperature rises at any spot
•Ceramic filled sensors resistance will decrease in that spot of the sensor
•Constantly measuring at all points but, gives a reading at the highest temp. along its entire length
•Remaining wall thickness calculated from temp. & thermal conductivity of lining

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.14.22 AM.png


  • Significantly improves safety

for operating staff and plant, because furnace damage and molten breakouts can be safely avoided

  • Optimize operating costs

by reducing the costs of maintenance and production losses

  • Increase equipment up-time

based on the risk-free increase of Service life and predictability of relining



The extraordinary flexibility of the technology enables the adaption to many customized tasks.

Application examples:

+ Coreless induction furnace
+ Coreless inductor
+ Channel furnace
+ Cupola
+ RH-Degasser
+ AOD-Converter
+ Ladle
+ Arc furnace
+ Submerged arc furnace
+ Blast furnace
+ Imperial smelter

Furnace Explosions

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