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Saveway Service

We Confidently say you will:

  • Drastically Improve Furnace Safety

  • Better Understand your Furnace

  • Avoid Furnace Explosions

  • Improve Lining Life


Consulting with a Purpose

At Saveway, we take pride in our continuous service tour customers.  Our company is backed by worldwide sales and service partners that are available with expert advice, support, and service.

​We Offer:

  • 24 hour support to your equipment through online connection.  We see what you see. This makes it easy to aid you with any furnace readings.

  • On-site training for your employees in the use of the measurement technology for an optimal furnace operation.

  • In-house training courses to deepen the knowledge for users of our products. 

  • Consulting for optimization of refractory material, lining design, and furnace operation.

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