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Impending or existing insulation faults between coil and shunts on coreless induction furnaces can be quickly detected with the SAVESEARCH® system. Fault localization is also possible, because each shunt insulating layer is monitored separately.


  • Coreless induction furnace:

The search for insulation faults on coreless induction furnaces is difficult and time consuming because ground faults occur unpredictably for a very short time. The common ground leakage indicator allows only an indication about the overall condition of the electrical insulation between the coil and electrically grounded components. It is impossible to pinpoint where the insulation fault happens; between the grounded molten bath and coil, between coil and the shunts, between capacitor / power supply and ground. Even in the case where there is an insulation fault between coil and shunts, the question remains at which single shunt the problem exists.

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The measurement range of the SAVESEARCH® system is significantly wider than that of a common ground leakage indicator. Therefore an early detection of developing insulation faults is possible. Hence preventive maintenance and cleaning procedures can be scheduled, because the measurement trend identifies developing problems. Between coil and each shunt, one electrode is installed to replace the standard insulation. This allows quick identification of which shunt insulation is affected before an error occurs. The SAVESEARCH® system works independently. As the common ground leakage indicator is not affected, it should be used in parallel.


  • Increase Equipment up-time

based on fast fault localization and preventive maintenance

  • Optimize operating costs

by reducing the costs of maintenance and production losses

  • Significantly improves safety

based on improved monitoring of the coreless induction furnace

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